Equine supplements have been the  focus of decades of study and careful  testing of formulations by Dan Promin, a naturopathic nutritionist, to develop the incredible products available from Equine Performance International. The scope of products from EPI is wide, and their track record  places them in the winner’s circle of the world’s very best equine supplements. EPI is known as the supplier to the world’s most trusted and best known equine supplement brands. Supplements of Champions™ Navigation buttons: About • Products • Testimonials • What's New • Links/FAQ




Equine Supplements Formulation Has Been a Labor of Love for Dan Promin since 1974

Equine supplements are important for optimum performance in the life of any horse, and Equine Performance International has developed a wide-ranging number of products formulated to target specific areas of horses, such as coat, hooves, throat, sinuses, lungs, immune system, digestion, stomach, intestines, hydration, joints, muscles tone, skin, and hair.

Dan Promin has been a pioneer in formulating naturopathic supplements for equine athletes since 1974, focusing on nutritional cellular enhancements. And beyond the normal line of EPI equine supplement products, Dr. Promin also offers custom formulations of proprietary blends designed specifically for your horse.

Please explore the EPI site to learn more about Dr. Promin, see our products, read testimonials from owners like yourself, see links to other equine sites, get answers to frequently asked questions about equine supplements, and see how to contact us to get any of the EPI products that can make a big difference in the life of your horses.


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