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equine supplement doctor, Dan Promin photo

Dan Promin, Founder of Equine Performance International

Equine Supplements Have Been the Careful Mission of Dan Promin for Three Decades

Equine supplements can make a great difference in the life of a horse, and with that in mind, naturopathic nutritionist, Dan Promin, has been researching and formulating naturopathic supplements for equine athletes since 1974. He is one of the true pioneers in the field of nutritional cellular enhancements. In 1978, Dan founded NUPRO, Inc.™, and released the first line of natural supplements for thoroughbreds, standard breeds, and champion race horse. He has formulated and manufactured dozens of natural nutritional products for numerous equine supplement companies, including Vita-Flex™, Sure Nutrition™, Mutli-Vet™, and Nutra-Cell Labs, Inc.™

Dan has also developed supplement lines for dogs, cats, and birds when he created and owned Nutra-Pet Research, Inc.™ and Omni-Vet, Inc.™ In addition, he formulated nutritional supplements for human athletes when he owned and operated Bio-Cell Research, Inc.™


Dan Promin graduated from St. Peters College in Jersey City, New Jersey, with a B.S. degree, and graduated from Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California, with a degree in nutrition. He also studied naturopathic holistic health care at the New York Naturopathic College under Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, and graduated with a B.C., a chartered herbalist degree, from Dominion Herbal College. Dr. Promin also studied under his mentors who were renowned nutritionists:

Carlon Fredericks, Ph.D. at Farley Dickenson University in New Jersey. Dr. Fredericks is a renowned nutritionist and author of many books. He also hosted his own nutrition radio program in New York City.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, an acclaimed doctor af holistic health care and Iridology Science Health.

Gary Null, Ph.D., in nutrition, who is a well-known radio host on nutrition in the New York City area.

Additionally, Dan owned and operated a health food store and counseled diet and supplemental programs for athletes and other clients to promote general health.

He also worked for the Monmouth Place Track in New Jersey and the New Jersey Horse Racing Commission during his college years, which gave him his passion for horses.


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